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Dorsey Marketing Inc. was established in the fall of 1982 in Montreal Quebec, Canada, and is a privately held corporation. We import and distribute confectionary, biscuits and gift packs on an exclusive basis throughout Canada and the United States of Ameriaca. Our Product range includes Chocolates (boxed and tablets), Hard Candy (lollipops and filled), Marshmallows, Biscuits, Round Freezer Pops, Licorice and Gummy Products, Health and Beauty Collections, Cosmetic Collections and gift sets and baskets for various seasonal occasions. With the main office located in Montreal and warehousing in both Montreal and Vancouver. Since its founding, Dorsey Marketing Inc. has expanded in its product portfolio, distribution, and management personnel. 


Dorsey Marketing Inc. has built a sound organizational structure with up-to-date technological facilities that support effective sales and distribution throughout Canada and the U.SA.


The key to Dorsey Marketing's success is its divisionalized operations and a commitment to its employees with fair compensation and a strong level of teamwork.

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